Start swapping immediately, it’s FREE to list your establishment, apartment or house and to search and view all of the profiles on our site. House Swap South Africa is a members only service so in order for you to start connecting with other member’s you need to become a member yourself by purchasing a subscription.

When purchasing a subscription you will receive 15 credits and you will be granted instant access to the site’s secure internal messaging system. This allows you to send and receive unlimited messages with other member’s so that you can start organising your house swap.

For your convenience we will also send you an email notification every time you receive a new message from other members.


You will receive 15 Credits to get you started

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Once you have made contact with other members you will be free to share your private contact details if you want to (the information you provide to us is never disclosed to other member’s or third parties, only you decide this!).

We recommend you get to know your potential house swap partner well through not only emails but telephone and video calls (such as WhatsApp or Skype).