Exchange & Stay is an alternative way to travel the country and the world and stay for free. It can easily be summed up in the phrase

“I stay in your house and you stay in mine”.

Through our community of exchanging members, you can list your own establishment, holiday apartment or house for an exchange and contact other members to agree on the details.

It’s free to register with us and create an enticing profile. Upload photographs and follow our easy guides to tell other members about yourself and your establishment, holiday apartment or house
When you’ve found your match (or if they find you first), become a member for six or twelve months at a minimal fee. Membership allows you to start sending and receiving messages via the website’s secure internal messaging system. You can the decide what type of exchange will work the best for you.

There are several common ways to do an exchange & stay – Important do it the way that is most suitable for you:

  • VOUCHER EXCHANGE: This is the most popular method of accommodation exchange – voucher means total flexibility. NO Need to match location or dates with other members. You determine when you will allow members to stay in your place and when you would like to take a break in any of the other member’s different types of accommodation.


  • SIMULTANEOUS: This is the second most popular method of accommodation exchange – both parties Exchange & Stay during the same time.


  • NON-SIMULTANEOUS: Another option is for you to stay in someone home when they are not there and in turn, they will stay in your house in the future when you are somewhere else. This is ideal for those with second or holiday apartments.


  • HOSPITALITY: Some members like to host their exchange partners so you stay in their house with them, and in turn down the line they will come and stay with you in your house.


  • RENTAL: Although we are focused on house swapping this doesn’t mean that members are not free to agree to rent their houses to other members instead of exchanging them