You only have to read some of our swappers’ testimonials and comments to understand why house swapping is becoming the way to travel. Once you’ve done your first swap, you will ask yourself why you haven't been doing this for years.

House swapping for Accommodation Establishments: B&B, Lodges etc.

This is a great opportunity while traveling to liaise with other owners/managers while taking a break and saving money. You get the opportunity to fill your establishments at a time when it sits empty. You can also make bookings with your credits for staff members or other family members (perhaps as a gift).

House swapping for Holiday apartment owners.

Take that holiday of a lifetime at the fraction of the cost, see and do more, do it more often and stay longer, save money or fill your empty beds. You can also register your main house and earn credits when you are spending time at your holiday house. Give credits as a gift to friends or family.

House swapping for house owners.

Let guests stay in your house when you are on holiday, taking a break or are away on business (take a well-deserved holiday after having been away on a business trip).