Your safety and privacy is very important to us. We will never share the exact location of your property or any of your contact information with any other member, or any 3rd party, for any reason. You decide what, when and with whom you share your details when arranging a swap.

We only use the information that you provide to us for purposes of our communicating with you and we never pass this on or sell it to any other group or person for any marketing or other purpose.

We are the first house swapping website that is able to offer an “ownership verification” service. You can contact us and request that we check and confirm that one of our members is the registered owner of the property that they have listed on the website. We do this through an online Deeds Office search.

House swapping is based on a relationship of trust. We strongly encourage you to not only exchange emails with your potential swapping partners but pick up the phone, chat on Skype, get to know one another, what you expect, the literal “do’s and dont’s” before committing.

If you are unsure, ask. If you have doubts, it is ok to simply say “No thank you!”.

House swapping has existed for decades and works brilliantly around the world. There are numerous online resources and articles that you can find with a quick Google search with detailed tips and check-list to make your house-swapping experience easy and successful.

We are also here to help you – don’t ever hesitate to email or phone us with any questions you have!

Happy house swapping…